Eddie's Class

English Bill of Rights (November 14th History)

Search for the definition of English Bill of Rights.

 As you are watching the video, complete the following sentence:
1. Important parts of this list included freedom of elections, ____________________________________________________________.

What did William have to do to become king of England?

Now that we have covered the English Bill of Rights, Parliament, and the Magna Carta, how are all three related to each other and how have they affected our government in the United States? (2 paragraphs)
If you did not know how to start writing the paragraph you can start like this:  
    The English Bill of Rights, the Magna Carta, and Parliament are all related because they have helped inspire the democracy we live in today. The Magna Carta is _________________. Parliament is __________________________. The English Bill of Rights is ____________.

  The three are related in different ways, but the Magna Carta and Parliament are related because _________. Parliament and the Bill of Rights are related through_______________________.  In our country this is important because we __________________.