Eddie's Class

Test Day!

Today you will be taking your test on Educate. When you are done with your test you will continue working on your GoAnimate projects. When you finish your GoAnimate projects you will post your name and project in the Chat Room I set up on my blog. I want you to title your animation like this Locke (AmericanRoots 8) Edward Gonzalez or American Revolution (American Roots 8) Edward Gonzalez. This is called using a naming convention. It makes it easier to publish to YouTube this way. If you do not use the correct naming convention you will not be published!!!

When you are finished

1. You can work on your Weebly.
2. Translate some of the videos to espanol.
3 Make a board game using vocabulary. Here is one I made for Leo & the T-Rex in the Apple App Store. You can break it apart and use it for your own purpose! You can even go back and make it for Forces and Motion measurement topics https://www.dropbox.com/s/lba4cnzavp6buda/LeoGamePowerPoint_kinder.pptx .

Here is a pretty funny video made by Antonio Saavedra about your rights and getting arrested in espanol.