Eddie's Class

7th Grade Science (Pangea and Earth's Changing Continents)

First we will read the following article Evidence of Pangea today!  After reading this article, explain to me how the separation of Gondwona and Laurasia distributed the ancient trees and why they are only found in Australia now. You need to write this in two paragraphs. (Four sentences each paragraph).

If you need help with this writing sample use the following prompt:

      In South America scientist have found fossils of a tree that is over 52 million years old. Before this, fossils of this tree were only found in _________________ where it still live today.  These trees have soft wood, thick trunk, and can grow to _______________________. 
     These fossils date back to when Antartica, Australia, Africa, and South America were a part of ________________________ .  In ancient times the ancient trees grew across all of Gondwana. It is possible that dry weather in South America made it impossible for them to keep growing. It also possible that they could not grow in Antartica because of _______________________. Although the tree has survived from ancient times, it is possible that it will not be able to respond to human threats such as ___________ and ___________________. 

After this lecture period you will read from page 270-274  and answer questions 2, 4, 5, and 6 on page 275.

Use your vocabulary and questions for the following Jeopardy Template.  Click Here for the template.