Eddie's Class

CSUF Visual Design Project (EDEL 518A)

The goal for the poster is for students to understand what would be the meat and potatoes of digital citizenship using ISTE standard 3. At the high school and middles school level the main issues tend to be misuse of technology, cyber-bullying, and learning software.  I attempt to use pop-culture with memes that are commonly found in social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook. The poster is actually a part of my classroom code of conduct, satisfying one of the requirements my district has.


There are actually two presentations below. The first presentation is meant for teachers and is based on ISTE standard 3 and 5, the second presentation is the one I used for my students. In the first presentation I give the rationale behind the images used and how they reflect our professional teaching standards. In the last slide I also give some advice for non-native digital teachers who want to dip their toe into social media.