Eddie's Class

A little bit of Sumerian history

First of all, remember that the Sumerians constructed ziggurats
This ziggurat was created by Abram.
The first 4 facts you must know for part 1 of your story:

1. Archeologist discovered 4,500 year old Sumerian tombs at the Royal Cemetery of Ur.

2. The Sumerians are known for their written records.

3. The Sumerians were conquered and became part of a larger empire.

4. One of the higher Sumerian classes was the merchant.

The next 4 facts you must include in your story (chapter 2).

5. After the Sumerians came the Akkadians, and then the Babylonians.
6. A religion where people worship multiple gods is called "polytheism."
7. Sumerian writing was usually on clay tablets and was called "cuniform."
8. A god is also called a "deity."