Eddie's Class

Modern and Future Technology "Google Glass" (Reading Roadrunners)

Learning Goal: today as a class we will understand the development of technology from video games up to the new "Google Glass" and make a list of potential future applications.

(1)Watch the video below first to see how far we have come in technology
History of Video Games

(2) Watch the video below to see the new Google Glass
Google Glass Demonstration Video

(3) Browse through this website to learn about Google Glass
Google Glass Website

(4) Now you will write
In our Science and History class we are developing our own curriculum by collecting the best videos and websites, and creating our own Powtoons and Prezis to teach other students. This means that we are developers using multimedia. Some of you in this class will one day be making curriculum using more advanced technologies. Assume that we have the ability in our class to incorporate Google Glass into our lessons. How will we use it? Write one paragraph about how technology has changed, and another two paragraphs about how we could use it in our class.

If you do not know how to get started, follow the paragraph frame below.

       Technology has gone through many changes in our society. Before we had games such as _____________, but now we have games like _________________________. This is a big difference in technology because __________________________________________________________________________. Technology has changed because____________________________________________________________.

     In our class we are creating Powtoons and Prezis to teach other learners. If I could develop using Google Glass I would _____________________________________________________. In the classroom I believe Google Glass would be good for ___________________________________________________________________________________. I imagine students would really enjoy______________________________________________________________________.