Eddie's Class

Science and History Presentations

First watch the introduction to Film Festival on Thursday

Now log-in to our Google Group forum and post your Prezi and Powtoon.
Everybody must review and respond to at least 5 Powtoons and Prezis. In order to respond you must push the "reply" button.

You will be looking for the following:
1. Spelling errors 
2. Readability
3. Timing
4. Accuracy

Please do not be mean or put down anybodies work, everybody will have their work displayed in the cafeteria on Thursday. I will be available everyday until Thursday to help you make your project the best it can be. I will be here after school on Tuesday and Wednesday for extra help.

-Mr. Gonzalez

(Anybody that is not on our group list send me an email at gonzalezedito@gmail.com and I will promptly add you to our forum).