Eddie's Class

Science Monday 8th Grade

Today is an introduction to the Earth in the Solar system. Our learning goal is that by the time we leave today we will be able to compare the scale of the earth in the universe and be able to explain at least 3 basic concepts on our topic. Today you will also have a taste of what is expected on your CST for Science.

Mr. Denton's class will be on Khan Academy. If you are in his class you will be expected to have a Prezi completed and posted to your blog before recess  for ONE of the first three videos. If you do not have it complete you will finish it during recess. Your Prezi will be made in a group and your groups will be listed at the end of this post.  Click Here For the Video Links


Mr. Gonzalez class will be reviewing sample CST questions and covering the text book with you.
pages 436-442 and 450-453


Mr. Parnell's class will be taking a tour of the planets in our Solar System. After viewing the video, in your group you will be creating a Prezi comparing and contrasting two planets and you will include the distance of the planets to the Sun and Earth. You will do these presentations in your groups.

Click Here for Video Link



Morales-Espinoza, Pedro, Luevanos-Mabry, Nazil, Alvarez, Jesus, Hernandez-Martinez, Juan

Saavedra-Martinez, Antonio, Jara, Alejandro, Ortiz Navarro, Jose, Castro, Daniel

Gomez, Ruben, Lira Estrella, Omar, Lopez Cardenas, Jose, Serna, Vincent

Moreno Reyes, Miguel, Salcido, Jesus, Camacho, Aaron, Engebretson, Aleric

Huerta, Felipe, Bedolla, Vladimir, Cardenas, Youanni, Lara, Jose

Ibarra-Rangel, Mark, Shaibi, Malik, Castro, Pablo, Lewis, Shawn, Ibarra, Jesus

Varela, Michael, Cabrera, Adan, Flores-Carbajal, Erik, Medina-Corona, Jesus, McIntosh, Austin

Dixon, Amos, Gutierrez, Agustin, Lira Rodriguez, Oscar, Burtram, Shawn, Mendoza, Jason

Ortega, Yajaira, Lara Renteria, Xitlaly, Garcia-Garcia, Maria Cervantes, Adelaida, Aki, Emilyann

Farias-Escalera, Yajaira, Benitez-Sandoval, Alondra, Martinez, Abigail, Benitez Mendiola, Gabriela
O''Neal, Alyssa

Barajas, Kristy, Tanguma, Sarah, Saldana, Yesenia, Esquivel, Maribel

Martinez, Sandra, Nunez-Sanchez, Melissa, Rincon, Fatima, Andrade, Jacqueline

Cabrera,Brianna, Lemus-Ibarra, Crystal, Govea-Martinez, Jennifer, Rodriguez, Destiny

Estrella, Jacqueline, Orozco-Lemus, Reyna, Lemus, Jenifer, Hernandez-Lemus, Reyna