Eddie's Class

Science Monday

8th grade

One of our major areas of weakness as a class are the motion graphs. Today we will focus on these graphs for our practice CST and for an upcoming EOT.


-solving problems involving distance, time and average speed and understand the relationship between all three elements of motion
-how to represent and interpret graphs of position versus time and speed versus time representations of motion including graph, data table, equations, narrative and physical model/experiment

8th Grade 
Mrs. Parnell's class read pages 336-342 and answer questions 1-8
Mr. Gonzalez class will be watching creating presentations.


7th grade

-understand that plant and animal cells contain many thousands of different gene and typically have two copies of every gene. The two copies (or alleles) of the gene may or may not be identical, and one may be dominant in determining the phenotype while the other is recessive
-the structure of the DNA molecule and the relationship between chromosomes, genes, alleles, and DNA

7th grade Mr. Gonzalez class will be creating presentations and working on the EOT essay question.
7th grade Mrs. Parnell's class will read pages 208-217 and answer questions 1-7. If you have time, one of your neighbors will proofread your essay.