Eddie's Class

Roman Influences

Today we will be knocking out 7th and 8th grade learning targets. We will be learning about the influence of Roman architecture on American slavery plantations as we begin to cover these two time periods in our 7th and 8th grade classes. Drayton Hall is a plantation that has gone through all of America's time periods. Watch the video below first.

 Now, we will read the following article and here you can find the floor plan to the Drayton Hall.

Now we will watch the following video on the history and architecture of Rome. Also you will answer the following questions: Why was the invention of cement so important? How did Roman architecture influence the rest of the world? What examples do we have of this influence.

Take a digital tour of the area we will be modelling as a class. http://www.draytonhall.org/overview/interactive_map.html