Eddie's Class


Today you will be:
 1. taking your test INDEPENDENTLY and it is posted here .
 2. Many of you have not completed your map assignments for Follow The Drinking Gourd or The Underground Railroad. Those maps must include a summary!!!
 3. Let me know you are done by checking off your work at following locations Group 1 Checklist , Group 2 Checklist , Group 3 Checklist
 3. When you have that work done you will be going into Educate and updating your learning targets, including writing and math if you are behind or...
4. If you are in 8th grade, from your Science book you can read chapter 7, section 1 on page 194-200 and answer questions 2-6 in a Google Document and share it with me. If you are in 7th grade you need to read in your Science book chapter 6, section 1 page 174-178 questions 1-6 in a Google Document and share it with me.

If you are totally, and I mean TOTALLY done, well my friend, you will be logging into SketchUp and continue our models of the Drayton Hall Plantation. Those of you that have already done the plantation I want to see the slave quarters also complete. You can look at Alex's model as an example.

If you need an example for Follow the Drinking Gourd you can see what TinaMarie has done at her blog http://oaklandraiderstc.blogspot.com, however, you will notice that she did not include a video of the song. She needs to include that video.