Eddie's Class

About Mr. Gonzalez

    It is hard for me to talk about myself and I have found that the best way for me is to share the music I have been listening to. So this little playlist hopefully will tell you about me. Yes this is the music I listen to when I am at home cooking, in the car driving, drawing, or grading papers. If you had a playlist for the past year what songs would be on it? If you shared your mp3 player with me, what songs would I find?
"Treasure" by Bruno Mars has been one of my favorites because it is new with an old-school sound.

I really love Brenton Wood because it reminds me of when I worked in Los Angeles. Many of the kids knew a lot of these oldies because their parents listened to it.

This song I heard for the first time in about 15 years the previous summer. My last memory of it was when I was sitting in the car when I was younger and my uncle was driving. I remember him singing along to that song and telling me I didn't know about good music. My uncle passed away that year from cancer and I always remembered the tune but not the lyrics. Then last summer I heard it at a restaurant in Universal Studios and it immediately reminded me of my uncle. Then I downloaded it onto my iPhone and listen to it here and there and it reminds me of him.

I love to listen to banda music because it reminds me the rodeos or 'jaripeos' in Mexico. I really love this song because it is about the state where my dad is from, Michoacan.
Math Pre-Assessment Questions
The questions must be answered in the four-square format.

1. The song of "Boys Don't Cry" by the Cure was released in a 1979 album. How many years has it been since the album was released?

2. When a song goes "platinum" it means that it sold 1 million copies. "Treasure" by Bruno mars went "triple-platinum" in the United States and "double-platinum" in Canada. How many more albums did treasure sale in the United States than in Canada?

3. According to online research for a record label artist to make $1,160 from a song on iTunes they would have to sell 12,399 (because the record label takes about half of the money). Estimate for me how much money Bruno mars would have made in the first week if he sold 52,000. Round to the nearest hundred when you estimate.

Writing Prompts
You will be writing at least 3 paragraphs to one of the following prompts
1. Is there a special song that remind you of a moment? For example the song "Boys Don't Cry" remind me of hanging out with my uncle before he passed away or the song "El Tarasco" reminds me of being in Mexico. Describe the moment that it reminds you of. Where were you? Who were you with? How did you feel? How old where you? Is the song popular? Does it come out on the radio? What are the lyrics about? What instruments does it use?

2. If there was one song that you had to listen to for the rest of your life what song would it be? Why? What makes this song special? When you listen to it can you study? Does it pump you up to play sports? Does it make you want to dance? Who sings it? Is it popular? What are the lyrics about? What instruments does it use?

3. Is it fair or not fair that students are not allowed to listen to music in my class? Explain your reasons.

4. How is your music different to the music of your parents? Why? Does the music have different meanings? What kind of instruments does it use?