Eddie's Class

Mexican Foods and Confessions of a Chipaholic

Watch the Presentation below and complete the writing prompts on foods native to Mexico.

The video below gives you more of a background on the cultural background of Mexican food.

Estadio Azteca
Below is a map of the famous Azteca Stadium in Mexico City. This stadium has hosted World Cup finals and

Tenochtitlan (present day Mexico City)
Present Day Mexico City (formerly Tenochtitlan)
Voladores Papantla in 1500's

1. You must go down to streets to get to the pyramid of the sun. One street is 53.543ft long and the other is 1,203.45ft long. If you travel down both streets how long did you walk?

2. The chinampas of Xochitlmilco produce lots of vegetables. One plot of land had 84 plants, one had 91 plants, another had 96 plants, and another had 89 plants. How many plants does each plot average?