Eddie's Class

Compare and Contrast

Our warm-up from yesterday's math lesson.

Today's Lesson
Compare and contrast pozole and tamales using the Thinking Map below

Videos of people making different types of meat for comparing and contrasting
Using the Thinking Map compare and contrast carnitas and tacos al pastor

One Group of Students will work on finding more videos about their favorite foods, the other group will stay with me and work on descriptive language using the Taco Bell menu. Students will then use the Thinking Map to make an oral paragraph in pairs.
Write three sentences with descriptive language to describe each food. Click below for examples of descriptive language
Taco Bell Menu

Use the following Google terms to find out about your own favorites.
How to make Mexican _________
History of Mexican ______________
Mexican ________in _____________

Post the videos below


In the next lesson we will use the Thinking Map two write one paragraph describing similarities and one paragraph describing differences as a whole class. Then using the foods they choose they will write their own.